Launching an acting career at plus 50...

Launching an acting career at plus 50 is challenging. Actually that's an understatement.

I spent nine years interviewing very successful actors. I guess you could call that a custom master acting class because actors always like to talk about acting, well if at least you ask them good questions. I tried.

You heard things like, “it's about the work” and “fearless” and “trust” a lot. I am understanding all of that much better now. Family, friends and acquaintances wonder what's happening? Can we see you in anything? It's hard for those who are not in the process to know just how much work is actually going on and how time consuming and down right expensive it all is but for those of us on the path the “work” is constant, challenging, but ultimately rewarding.

I am happy to be working with people I “trust” who believe in my ability to do the “work”. My manager, Sean Kurzweil. My acting coach, Annie Grindlay. My career coach, Lee Garlington.

I will continue to try to be “fearless” but that is very much a work in progress as will be this blog. It's a start. Thanks for taking the time to visit.

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